“I am desperate for a new pair of your amazing gloves! I have severe Arthritis in my hands & they help my grip enormously.”


“The benefits of copper in treating and preventing infection as well as being an established homeopathic remedy for arthritis are well known. It should therefore come as no surprise, that the Copper Tech Glove by Pocketec provides comfortable, supportive hand and finger support and protection with a great grip for the club. I wear one on each hand and highly recommend this glove to any golfer.”

John L., MD FACS

“I brought back my one year old (used for 38 rounds) Copper Tech glove to show you at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. It essentially is as good as new with the only sign of wear is some dirt that would easily clean off but I left it as is to show you or anyone else just how amazing this glove wears. It is comfortable and the grip feel is incredible. No need for a second rain glove. The Copper Tech glove is great wet or dry. It was a little difficult to admit at first that a synthetic glove could be as good or better than the best leather glove. The Copper Tech glove has made me a believer. I now have one in my FL bag, my MD bag and a spare just in case I lose one! Thanks for a great product.”

— Jay Nixon

“I just received your gloves and they work like magic. I have real bad arthritis and it is pretty painful to play golf. However yesterday, the first time I had them on the entire round was pain free. I couldn’t believe it.”

— C. (USA)

“I tried this glove for the first time two weeks ago, I suffer with sore fingers from arthritis and I noticed that my fingers didn’t hurt after I was done playing golf, great product.”

— Wendy (Stuart, Florida)

“As a Senior Professional Player the silicon woven technology helps me grip the club lighter giving me more club head speed and distance.”

— Joe (Hobe Sound, Florida)