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“I am desperate for a new pair of your amazing gloves! I have severe Arthritis in my hands & they help my grip enormously.”


“The benefits of copper in treating and preventing infection as well as being an established homeopathic remedy for arthritis are well known. It should therefore come as no surprise, that the Copper Tech Glove by Pocketec provides comfortable, supportive hand and finger support and protection with a great grip for the club. I wear one on each hand and highly recommend this glove to any golfer.”

John L., MD FACS

“I just ordered another pair of golf gloves. I have worn out two pair of gloves already. I have a pair at my summer home and also at my winter home. I wear them on both hands and they help my arthritis very much!!! I have also just ordered a pair of your garden gloves. I hope they will work as well as the golf gloves.”

Marsha B.