“Ok, thank you, [these are] Christmas presents for my father and golf friends. My father had one last year, said it’s the best glove he’s ever had and he’s been playing golf for 60 years, so that’s fantastic.”

Simon W.

“I have a degenerative muscle disease which affects my ability to keep my grip on the golf club. I obtained two of your gloves and found them to be excellent as they had a rubberized grip. They were so good I ordered 5 more.”

John K.

“I absolutely love the Copper Tech gloves and tell all my golf partners to purchase your gloves. I just ordered a couple of your gloves for Christmas presents as well.

Love love love these gloves! ”

S. Fussner

“Dear Lloyd, I am so excited about the results that I have had using your Copper Tech golf glove for 2 reasons:

1) I have arthritis in my hands and I am a type 1 diabetic for 50 years and I always have hand pain.
2) I have always had a death grip using a golf glove and consequently after about 20 rounds of golf I wear out the heel of the golf and must replace it.

Since I bought the copper tech golf glove I have played 40 rounds of golf and it is still in perfect condition. Thank you for introducing me to this glove, I tell everyone I know what a great glove it is.

Thank you,”

G. Green

“I love your men’s gloves by the way. I can get more than 40 rounds with each glove. It is like the old Timex jingle – it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

Thank you,

M. Wilten

“I purchased 2 of your gloves, not because my hands are arthritic but to hopefully alleviate a problem that my left hand would break out in a rash on hot and humid days. Problem SOLVED!! Received the gloves last week and have played or practiced several times in Mid Atlantic hot and humid weather with no problem.


J. Ayres

“Good afternoon Lloyd,

Thank you very much for the follow up phone call to verify my order. That type of care for customer satisfaction doesn’t happen as often as you would think.

This order of mine is a repeat. I purchased the gloves because they promised some relief from the severe arthritis that I have in my right hand. I live in the California desert where it is very dry, but the arthritis was still a problem. It is the best purchase I have ever made. The glove works as advertised, and they are extremely durable.

I play over 200 rounds of golf per year and it is the only glove that I wear. After wearing this glove for almost two years, I am finally starting to see a slight hole in the thumb. I will be telling all of my golfing friend about your product.

Thanks ever so much.”

P. Bradle

“The gloves fit perfectly! I’m very pleased and so is my wife (it was a Mother’s Day present). Thank you for the gloves and amazing customer service. I will purchases your gloves again for both my wife and myself. Thank you again.”

R. Lacey

“I just ordered another pair of golf gloves. I have worn out two pairs of gloves already. I have a pair at my summer home and also at my winter home. I wear them on both hands and they help my arthritis very much!!!

I have also just ordered a pair of your garden gloves. I hope they will work as well as the golf gloves.

I wish you made your wonderful Copper Tech glove in a style not for gardening or golfing though. I have gloves that I wear for driving and sleeping at night that have copper threads in them, but they don’t work as well with the pain in my hands like your golf gloves do. If you decide the make a pair of gloves like that, I would love to know about it.”

Marsha B.