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Golf Talk Live: Press

When the Copper Tech golf glove first hit the market, it was immediately seen by many as the best overall glove on the market. Not only was it infused with copper, to help circulation, but it was a great everyday glove that was durable and provided excellent feel.

“The glove attracts attention because it works,” said Copper Tech Founder Lloyd Cohn. “If you have muscle pain, joint pain, arthritis pain, the Copper Tech glove has been an excellent choice.

It is quickly making its way into national stores such as PGA Tour Superstore and Walmart, or it can be purchased on the website for less than $20.

“I brought back my one year old (used for 38 rounds) Copper Tech glove to show you at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. It essentially is as good as new with the only sign of wear is some dirt that would easily clean off but I left it as is to show you or anyone else just how amazing this glove wears. It is comfortable and the grip feel is incredible. No need for a second rain glove. The Copper Tech glove is great wet or dry. It was a little difficult to admit at first that a synthetic glove could be as good or better than the best leather glove. The Copper Tech glove has made me a believer. I now have one in my FL bag, my MD bag and a spare just in case I lose one! Thanks for a great product.”

— Jay Nixon

Tony’s Top Ten Products From PGA Show

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (February 23, 2018) – For 26 years award-winning golf journalist Tony Leodora has traveled the miles of aisles at the PGA Merchandise Show, inspecting the great (and not so great) items that are on display at the industry’s biggest gathering.

And, for the last 16 years he has put together “Tony’s Top Ten” – the ten products (or services) that caught his eye during this annual trek.

As usual, these ten heralded products have been introduced on the award-winning GolfTalk Live radio show (which aired Feb. 3, ). They also make their debut in March on the Traveling Golfer television show, named the No. 1 Golf Television Show in America for an unprecedented third straight year by the International Network of Golf.

Now, Tony’s Top Ten is available in written form – in the Blog section of the website.

The products that made this year’s Top Ten list include:
Antigua Anchorage Pullover – the 100 percent polyester double knit solid textured ottoman pullover has a rich look that appealing on the golf course or out on the town.

Club Champion – the No. 1 premium club fitter in the country, with 26 locations nationally … and growing.

Copper Tech Golf Glove – infusing copper technology in a high-quality glove provides amazing inflammation and pain relief.

High Heat 257+ Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrid – The team rocked the golf industry with products for the average golfer, now features clubs with the highest MOI on off-center hits.

Nexbelt Rowland Thomas Luxury Belts – the latest from Nexbelt is a line of high-fashion belts that use calfskin, imported from Italy, but hand-made in the United States.

Pyramid Putters – the hit of the New Product Section, Pyramid Putters made a splash with their Pyramid grooves on the leading edge that help center the ball on the sweet spot of the putter face.

Srixon Q-Star Tour – the new Q-Star Tour golf ball is designed specifically for the average golfer – great distance but tour quality feel.

SuperSpeed Golf – the training aid system that trains the golfer to attain a higher club speed and hit the ball further.

Survivor Tee – performance, technology and the fact that Tour players are using performance tees on a regular basis are the factors behind the success of the Survivor Tee.

Tour Edge Exotics CBX Fairway Woods and Hybrids — dominating the PGA Tour Champions, the Tour Edge CBX clubs give amateur players a true material advantage.

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